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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Harbst
email:  harbstm@wmasd.org or your building principal

Important Attendance Information: 

Regular attendance is necessary to ensure your best performance in school and is also required by state law. Daily attendance will be taken through you login activity. You must maintain an average number of course hours per week. For example, if you complete one hour per day, per course for five days, you will complete the required attendance time.  5 courses = 25 hours per week average.


With this being said, we as a cyber-school have to report attendance to the state for our cyber students.  The only way we can report this is to require you, as the student to sign on each and every day we have school.  This means that every student needs to sign on to show that you were in your program on this school day.  As long as you sign in every school day AND meet your average number of course work hours per week you are in good shape.

If you do not at least sign on every school day you WILL be marked as absent on that particular day.  It is important to note that you will be held to all West Mifflin Area High School and School District attendance policies.

The following illustrates the average course time requirements:


                                                1 Cyber Class     = 5hours per week

                                                2 Cyber Classes = 10 hours per week

                                                3 Cyber Classes = 15 Hours per week

                                                4 Cyber Classes = 20 hours per week

                                                5 Cyber Classes = 25 hours per week

                                                6 Cyber Classes = 30 hours per week

                                                7 Cyber Classes = 35 hours per week

                                                8 Cyber Classes = 40 hours per week    


 A suggestion would be to keep time with the traditional school day. While we know that this is not always possible, it will be a good practice to keep for attaining your attendance hours.



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You must have a valid email address to complete this application. All students must enroll through this application process. Once your application is submitted a counselor will contact you schedule an enrollment meeting.

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