Health Services

Health Services

Welcome to the WMASD Health Services Web Site!

Our Nurses

High School
Chris Chiponis
Phone:    412-466-9131 x1011
Fax:     412-896-7906

Middle School
Jane Rodgers
Phone:    412-466-9131 x2102
Fax:     412-466-0836

Homeville Elementary
Janice Bonacci RN CSN
Phone:    412-466-9131 x7005
Fax:     412-461-5465

Clara Barton Elementary
ZoeAnn Barca RN
Phone:    412-466-9131 x4002
Fax:    412-469-3357

Emerson Elementary
Marie Williams RN
Phone:    412-466-9131 x6003
Fax:    412-469-3373

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