Titan Cyber Academy

Titan Cyber Academy
The Titan Cyber Academy is designed to provide all K-12 learners an opportunity to participate in online education in a manner that works for them. For example, some learners want to work on their own and would prefer our asynchronous model. Other learners, want to work on their own but definitely want lessons demonstrated by a live teacher to ensure that they understand the material and can ask questions in real-time. These learners would prefer our blended model. Some learners may opt for a virtual school day-this would be the synchronous model. While some may prefer to participate in online instruction and some in-person instruction, for those, we have the hybrid learning model.

Development is underway to finalize the components of the 2021-2022 Titan Cyber Academy program. Please check out the side links for more information.

You can also reach out to the K-12 TCA Principal, Dr. Brian Plichta for specific questions as well.

Dr. Brian Plichta
(412) 466-9131 x 1041

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